Monday, July 13, 2009

Hackers--the risks of “brain hacking”??

In the past year, researchers have developed technology that makes it possible to use thoughts to operate a computer, maneuver a wheelchair or even use Twitter — all without lifting a finger. But as neural devices become more complicated — and go wireless — some scientists say the risks of “brain hacking” should be taken seriously.
Hackers tap into personal computers all the time — but what would happen if they focused their nefarious energy on neural devices, such as the deep-brain stimulators currently used to treat Parkinson’s and depression, or electrode systems for controlling prosthetic limbs? According to Kohno and his colleagues, who published their concerns July 1 in Neurosurgical Focus, most current devices carry few security risks. But as neural engineering becomes more complex and more widespread, the potential for security breaches will mushroom.

For example, the next generation of implantable devices to control prosthetic limbs will likely include wireless controls that allow physicians to remotely adjust settings on the machine. If neural engineers don’t build in security features such as encryption and access control, an attacker could hijack the device and take over the robotic limb.

“It’s very hard to design complex systems that don’t have bugs,” Kohno said. “As these medical devices start to become more and more complicated, it gets easier and easier for people to overlook a bug that could become a very serious risk. It might border on science fiction today, but so did going to the moon 50 years ago.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GM and Segway unveil

Larry Burns, GM's vice president of research and development, and strategic planning, said the project is part of Detroit-based GM's effort to remake itself as a purveyor of fuel-efficient vehicles. If Hummer took GM to the large-vehicle extreme, Burns said, the chaussures puma takes GM to the other.

The companies announced Tuesday that they are working together to develop a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle designed to be a fast, safe, inexpensive and clean alternative to traditional cars and trucks for cities across the world.

The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, or puma femmes, project also would involve a vast communications network that would allow vehicles to interact with each other, regulate the flow of traffic and prevent crashes from happening.

"We're excited about doing more with less," said Jim Norrod, chief executive of Segway, the Bedford, N.H.-based maker of electric scooters. "Less emissions, less dependability on foreign oil and less space."

The 300-pound prototype runs on a lithium-ion battery and uses Segway's characteristic two-wheel balancing technology, along with dual electric motors. It's designed to reach speeds of up to 35 miles-per-hour and can run 35 miles on a single charge.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Uggs are good for top 5 things

Just for a girl wearing Uggs,here's a list of activities in which Uggs are acceptable.
1. Jumping off a bridge: River water is often very cold, and a pair of water-sealed cheap Uggs work wonders to keep toes warm and stave off hypothermia. Wait, what did you think we were implying Okay, if you insist…
2. Sledding: Nothing ruins a brisk slide down a hill like a pair of chilly feet. Ugg up, already!
3. Drinking Starbucks: Any and all trends, no matter how unreasonable, are welcome at America's favorite corporate coffee retailer.
4. Baking: ugg boots are durable and extremely temperature-resistant. Sounds like the recipe for perfect oven mitts, to me.
5. Insulation: Trends die (don't tell the aforementioned girl), but embarrassing relics of fads past don't have to go to waste. Imagine if all the world's Ugg-owners donated their boots to be chopped up and used as insulation in low-cost homes for low-income families? Ugg-believable!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lady's shoes

cheap-ugg-bootsAs for shoes, have a wonderful saying: the marriage, such as shoes,appropriate or not,only being know by their own feet. Usually only women are more emotional, even if choosing shoes is also the case.If a pair of shoes can bring her own glory with the first step, and Even if by some crimes so that the foot is also willing.

Shoes for men, its main function is practical. For ladies, it is not only practical, it is far better than the extension of the connotation of it, a pair of beautiful shoes can make you sophisticated, customs million, if accompanied by a further 100-mei Health Review smile , that is the beauty of body and face more coquettish and buxom.

For a woman fall in love with shoes, sometimes to an incredible degree. For example, a certain Queen collect several thousands of wonderful pairs of shoes, her collection purpose is not for getting out of the house more easily and quickly, and walking on the brilliant grand palaces,or setting foot on the red carpet, just for pleasure, in order to eye, in order to wander in alone, in order to fit of narcissism.

My favorite pair of ugg boots,light-brown, in front of boots are made of 9 diamond design and a vivid three-dimensional composition of the butterfly. Two days,the root cause of elegant,I would have possessive instant, all of a sudden wanted to wear, show them to people at once. That little woman in order to a pair of shoes, you can hook to the soul, feel happy in heaven.

Shoes traders want to earn the money on women, it is so simple matter. spend little on the head of shoes, can arouse a woman's curiosity and possessive.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Model: 160 Height of fashion with the law

Model has more than 170 tall figure, 160cm is for our girls looked at their clothes with it can only admire the feeling of it? ? Let us take a look at how the 160 with the stars and maybe you will be inspired by……


Gray sweater with a pair of jeans and a pair of boots seems to be very general, there is no bright spots, but the long scarf collar light moments, and also the head of the hat, it seems that everything is integrated so that.

Hillary Duff, although the height of her can only be regarded as ordinary, but the height of 160 cm did not let her overall mediocrity, one look at her fashion with the law.

ugg boots.jpg

Short jacket the overall proportion of elongated, white T shirt and black leggings classic black-and-white sub-achievements, but also leather boots and the shirt has been echoed, highlighted the handsome side.


Same short jacket, this increase many feminine, black tweed jacket is outstanding, easy with a long gray T shirt and black leggings, both focused and very fashionable at the same time.

cheap ugg boots.jpg

Green bat sleeve knit shirt is in style, and very sexy inside Accessories, casual jeans with a distributed fashion sexy and attractive.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Europe and the United States with wearing rules of the street

Recently,the wind clothes mash is strong, so let's look at Europe, the simple list of the European Wind.

Purple bag is one of the bright spots

cheap uggboots.jpg

Winter does not mean that only the dark, bright yellow is also a good choice Oh ~


Sweet pink!! This bracelet is my favourite


Very beautiful and classical



cheao ugg.jpg


cheap ugg boots.jpg

very senhoraO(∩_∩)O~


See stripes again ~ very leisurely say

love ugg.jpg

Is there a fashion style that your favourite here????O(∩_∩)O

Monday, April 6, 2009

PUMA casual shoes latest fashion dynamic eMotion series debut

chaussures pumaOne of the world's largest sports shoes, sportswear and sports jewelry supplier PUMA shoes recently launched a "I 'm going empowered by PUMA" activity at Iraq PUMA concept stores in Shanghai. The event showcased the latest autumn and winter series and eMotion callisthenics Living Institute Central Saint Martins (Central Saint Martins) Designed by award-winning designer shoes.

First of all, the exhibition displayed a variety of the latest bodybuilding PUMA eMotion series and six pairs of Living by the London Institute Central Saint Martins students design shoes. Living the latest bodybuilding eMotion series based on "When we do sport we have style. When we do style we have sport." Conceptual design, not only describes the philosophy of life, but also by the majority of bodybuilding like sports enthusiasts. Emphasis on a positive trend of the urban way of life will be more generally regarded as a series of eMotion Leisure Living aerobics clothing, wear at weekends and holidays. Combination of vibrant colors or neon colors, as well as a lively modern details, given the unique style of these exhibits, she can wear casual clothes as the day-to-day, but also an excellent exercise to meet a variety of women - from sports enthusiast to the young puma Sports are - on different occasions (including the stadium and all kinds of leisure activities, etc.) needs.