Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Model: 160 Height of fashion with the law

Model has more than 170 tall figure, 160cm is for our girls looked at their clothes with it can only admire the feeling of it? ? Let us take a look at how the 160 with the stars and maybe you will be inspired by……


Gray sweater with a pair of jeans and a pair of boots seems to be very general, there is no bright spots, but the long scarf collar light moments, and also the head of the hat, it seems that everything is integrated so that.

Hillary Duff, although the height of her can only be regarded as ordinary, but the height of 160 cm did not let her overall mediocrity, one look at her fashion with the law.

ugg boots.jpg

Short jacket the overall proportion of elongated, white T shirt and black leggings classic black-and-white sub-achievements, but also leather boots and the shirt has been echoed, highlighted the handsome side.


Same short jacket, this increase many feminine, black tweed jacket is outstanding, easy with a long gray T shirt and black leggings, both focused and very fashionable at the same time.

cheap ugg boots.jpg

Green bat sleeve knit shirt is in style, and very sexy inside Accessories, casual jeans with a distributed fashion sexy and attractive.

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