Friday, March 20, 2009

a brand of sportswear--Youth enjoy

PUMApic186121c1.jpg fifty years of history page at Writing on great achievements in sport. PUMA accompany winner Pele to enter the World Cup finals, accompanied by tennis player Baker at Wimbledon grass rule the roost. With the most top athletes continue to pursue cooperation and the latest technology with the production of the best sport. Founder Rudolf. Dassler set up in 1948 at the Germany of the PUMA brand, PUMA has been for decades ranked player in the sports sector in recent years more successful combination of sports, leisure, fashion as a whole, rose for the Youth favorite brands.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sports shoes choice

1. Sports shoe is designed to avoid the foot injury engaging in sports special stress, give athletes more friction. For example, a pair of running shoes design is different from the pair of sports shoes. To enable the foot to adapt to various parts of the maximum stress, Sports shoes designed to a different style, texture, weight, and other characteristics.
2. A pair of perfect sports shoes, the key is comfortable. Comfort will reduce blisters and other skin problems.
3.Wearing at the time of exercise, besides the handsome and beauty, the most important item is to fit exercise and sports environment. Select sportswear fit is very important, it be able to adapt the action sports skills, physical stretching, jumping, walking, stopping, running;We will have to consider about hand and foot movements comfortably.
4.On the selection of sports shoes, then focus on functionality, the different items of the exercise is necessary to select different professional sports shoes, the size of combined foot comfortable, air-cushion to prevent the vibration, reducing joint stress, durability is not damaged, is easy to clean and maintenance. Not to wear the same shoes between usual and exercise. Sports shoes should be able to Consistent with the specific needs of biology. Characteristics of shoes is also very important, no matter what sport you engage in, your shoes should be able to cushioning, support, durability, as well as the most important factor ---- combined to strike a balance between the feet. All in all, these features can help you exercise comfortably and to prevent foot, leg or lower back injuries.
5. permeability is also important to allow feet to breathe air, there is flexibility Sweat-absorbent insoles, Pay attention the heel shoes should be strong and stable.
6. On the selection of running shoes, shoes heel should leniency and solid, shoelaces need to have lined the bottom of the tongue, that protect the instep and toe extensor tendon. Dissection of soft soles to absorb shock; light to soft, impact-resistant soles; to the stability and shock absorber of the primary into considerations.
7. When choosing sports shoes should be tried out by the sports socks, reserve space in the front of toe, shoes feet longer than the length of 2 ~ 3 cm more will be suitable. New shoes long loose than old shoes, toes and toe reserved space, can be avoided by abrasion feet swelling, foot-conditioning moisture, so feet dry.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

part of 103 famous faces in painting

Part of the painting, titled Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante, featuring former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (C), and the initiator of China's democratic revolution, Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Part of the painting, titled Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante, with Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang standing in the corner.

Part of the painting, titled Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante. Chairman Mao Zedong appears smoking by a round table in the center, with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai standing behind him.

This article is reproduced from China daily

103 Famous Faces in One Painting

An extraordinary oil painting depicting 103 historical figures in striking detail has become the latest internet sensation.

The 6m by 2.6m painting also includes world landmarks like the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian pyramids, and Stonehenge.

On the canvas, Josef Stalin and Leonardo da Vinci are deep in conversation. Vladimir Putin rests his legs next to a sprawled-out Mike Tyson, while Margaret Thatcher – clutching her handbag – looks on with disdain.

Many of the figures in the painting are Chinese. Chairman Mao Zedong appears smoking by a round table in the center, with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai standing behind him. Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan is riding a horse opposite Napoleon. Ancient Chinese poet Li Bai is sprawled on a chair, seemingly drunk, with a delicate wine cup and a typewriter in front of him. Other Chinese faces that are instantly recognizable are former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, the ancient philosopher Confucius, the initiator of China's democratic revolution, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek, and the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shihuang. Modern Chinese figures include renowned writer Lu Xun, contemporary media mogul Run Run Shaw, artist Qi Baishi, Kung Fu star Bruce Lee, and hurdler Liu Xiang.

Message boards have erupted with contests to identify every person featured, according to The Daily Telegraph. An element of mystery also surrounds the origins of the painting, which appears to have been inspired by Raphael's Renaissance fresco, "The School of Athens". While the figures in Raphael's painting were all ancient philosophers, there appears to be little connecting the characters in this work, which includes historical giants like Napoleon alongside Bill Gates, the bespectacled face of modern success.

But eagle-eyed observers have spotted clues as to the painting's provenance in some of the people depicted, and some people guess the painter may be Chinese.A clue comes from three undistinguished men in contemporary dress surveying the scene from behind a wall at the top right of the picture. Internet detectives have identified these three as the little-known Chinese artists Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An. They created this oil painting - "Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante" - in 2006, though it has only become a hit ever since the past few weeks.

Alastair Sooke, the art writer for The Daily Telegraph, says the work reflects a trend of contemporary Chinese artists adopting Western styles and subjects."But the Dante reference makes us wonder whether we are looking at some nether-circle deep inside the Inferno: this is a vision of Celebrity Hell," he added.
This article is reproduced from China daily