Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Uggs are good for top 5 things

Just for a girl wearing Uggs,here's a list of activities in which Uggs are acceptable.
1. Jumping off a bridge: River water is often very cold, and a pair of water-sealed cheap Uggs work wonders to keep toes warm and stave off hypothermia. Wait, what did you think we were implying Okay, if you insist…
2. Sledding: Nothing ruins a brisk slide down a hill like a pair of chilly feet. Ugg up, already!
3. Drinking Starbucks: Any and all trends, no matter how unreasonable, are welcome at America's favorite corporate coffee retailer.
4. Baking: ugg boots are durable and extremely temperature-resistant. Sounds like the recipe for perfect oven mitts, to me.
5. Insulation: Trends die (don't tell the aforementioned girl), but embarrassing relics of fads past don't have to go to waste. Imagine if all the world's Ugg-owners donated their boots to be chopped up and used as insulation in low-cost homes for low-income families? Ugg-believable!

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