Wednesday, April 1, 2009

puma shoes files 2

chaussures pumaThe sport shoes called a "THRIFT"is very similar to another old-fashioned PUMA Products "TOP WINNER" , designers just have the old shirt, pants, ties and wallets as the raw materials to produce the series, saying it is "Soul Sports shoes." In this way, an original product is unexciting after a re-packaging, the value immediately to another high.

In sales, PUMA has adopted a strategy of limited edition, will push the value of PUMA to another height. For example: PUMA THRIFT only produced a total of 510 pairs of puma shoes, naturally buyers in droves. Today, Chaussures PUMA, mostly high-end sports only in some special shops to buy PUMA. In this way, want to get hands PUMA sports shoes, it is necessary to some hard work under you! With this strategy, PUMA product is always able to maintain a degree of fanaticism of worship.

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