Thursday, April 2, 2009

PUMA shoes star effect

puma shoes

"Star effect" is an indispensable factor in product promotion. chaussures PUMA spokesmen are world-class sports stars, which in the history of PUMA is a long time: in 1962,football star Pele wear PUMA shoes with his teammates joined Brazil won the World Championship; Becker in 1985 with his PUMA sports shoes and tennis rackets, together won the Wimbledon tennis tournament; football superstar Diego Maradona in 1986 wearing PUMA's "KING" shoes, put Argentina won the World Cup; that time, Williams was wearing women's tennis overlord PUMA tennis clothes riding up at the stadium; handsome men of the Italian National Soccer Team of athletes, PUMA has been tailor-made shirts for them; even Madonna in her tour of the world as well as foot PUMA.

You do not have to jump high, you do not have to run very fast, as long as how you are moving, playing, PUMA can let you into the coolest people.

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